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Sending Bulk Emails: Check Out The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words

This blog post shows a range of keywords used in subject lines that have been known to trigger spam filters and ideally should be minimised in their use for higher email deliverability.

Can A CRM Really Help You Achieve Work Life Balance

Can A CRM Really Help You Achieve Work Life Balance - Check out this article on Nifnex

Lazy CRM Users - Here is How to Nab Them

CRM Managers hear lots of excuses as to why their CRM system isnít being updated! This blog article looks at ways to achieve greater CRM adoption and implementation in your organisation. Dale

22 Ways to Write Compelling Content

Tagged as: Copywriting

Want to increase employee performance - Recognize and appreciate workers

Managers who do their best to show appreciation and give recognition when it is due should expect to find it easier to both recruit and retain the best employees. Itís also crucial to make sure...

4 Tech Pillars of Productivity for Startups

Technology is meant to make your life easier!

New Study Shows Drinking Water Can Increase Productivity by 14 Percent

Improving productivity starts with a glass of water. That water eases dehydration and expands the brain`s grey matter. By drinking enough water every day, people see a 14 percent increase in productivity at work and at home.

The Art of Productive Flow

How would it feel for you, if you and your organisation day in day out were in perfect flow? In the zone! You know those days, when everything you touch works, progress is made, projects closed off, problems resolved swiftly and elegantly; and you go home with a smile on your face and a skip in your step. On those days you were in flow. It did not matter what was thrown at you. It did not matter what conditions occurred during the day, you were just in flow! As opposed to others day when you cannot get close to it, you fumble, you stop, you start, and you ran out of energy. We are most at peace, most efficient, most productive, when we are in that state of flow. However many of us just do not know how to get into flow at will. BUT! It is teachable and it is learnable. There are 7 critical factors to getting into YOUR productive flow. Open this blog post to find out more!

Measuring and Tracking the Value of Work Done in Time Based Billing Businesses.

The Value-of-Work-Done is a great way to look at the financial productivity of your team. It is a simple calculation of time-worked multiplied by rate-per-hour that can be billed, but it is a very important in time based billing businesses. The value of work done is different from what has been invoiced (billed to clients) but is a valuable concept that allows you to know if your team is being profitably productive on a daily basis. Value-of-Work-Done is a measure of productivity in financial terms. Because all business bill differently for different work, with some billing up front, others billing on completion and some in between, knowing the Value-of-Work-Done daily, weekly, fortnightly by your team is a valuable key performance indicator and management tool.