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GTPHUB is an integrated business toolbox, building organised, effective & profitable businesses worldwide Yes! Worldwide!

Cloud Time Tracking


Track time accurately and easily

  • Stopwatch
  • Spreadsheet
  • Weekly Time Sheet

Client and Contact Management

Know everything about your clients

  • Sales
  • Production
  • Communication History

Track Time on Projects

Project Tracking

  • Set Budgets
  • Milestones
  • Tasks

Email Marketing

Email Market to Your Contacts

  • Design and Create Newsletters 
  • Select Contacts and Email
  • Track Opening of Email

Approve Staff Time Sheets

Make Payroll Pain Free

  • Sort, filter and review staff timesheets quickly and easily
  • Streamline timesheet approvals process
  • Use the time records for your payroll
  • Monitor revenue generation per staff member

Capture All Your Billing

Bring in More Money

  • Create your own billing categories/billable items with different rates.
  • Easily see how much billable work your company completes each period
  • Billing can be based on fixed project quotes or by the hour.

Generate Invoices Direct From Time Records and Projects

Our system makes invoicing easy.

  • Easily tag which time records you want to bill
  • Easily see what’s been billed and what is still outstanding
  • Generate online invoices for your accounting team.  **Export to standard systems like MYOB and Quickbooks.
  • **Invoice directly from GTP HUB


Debtor Follow Up

Get your accounts paid on time.

  • Follow-up overdue accounts with bulk templated emails to debtors
  • Tag clients with payment plans so you don’t put the relationship at risk by chasing them unnecessarily
  • Set up export and import overdue accounts lists for more accurate follow-ups

Multiple User Management

Control the level of access.

  • You can enable access to GTP HUB for additional staff, subcontractors  and other associates when necessary.
  • You can set pre-determined access levels to maintain privacy and security. 
  • You can terminate their access at any stage.
  • You can show financials or not for team members depedning on their role.

Email Templates

Save time on your email.

  • Create your own email templates.
  • Categorise templates according to your business structure. 
  • Save time by easy-to-use ‘select and send’ functions.
  • Plus, customise any email drawn from a template before sending it out.

Project Scheduling Tools

Schedule your people better

  • Set-up Schedule periods like weeks, fortnights or months to get work completed in.
  • Allocate how much time your team members should work on projects.
  • Monitor how much time they are working on projects in scheduled periods.

Project Plans and Sales Plans

Improve quality with checklists and project plans

  • Create checklists, task lists, & milestones for common activities
  • Staff can then follow a proven project plan to achieve their goals
  • Use in sales opportunities for better conversion rates and in projects to improve quality and streamline activity

Sales Opportunity Tracking

Track Sales Leads From Start to End

  • Quickly insert new leads and update progress until the sale is won or closed out
  • Get instant KPIs on leads generated and,
  • Number of closed sales
  • Total sales and average sale
  • And much more...

Online Proposal-Quote Generation

Fast efficient estimates and quotes

  • Our aim is to make generating powerful and compelling proposals and quotes a simple and easy process.
  • From one-page quotes needing fast approval to detailed 50-page proposals– create attractive proposals in word and merge in records to generate customised proposals.

Password Hub

Save time and frustration

  • Do you need to store multiple passwords for access to web sites,social media or client details?
  • Are you wasting time retrieving lost or forgotten passwords ?
  • With GTP’s password hub, you can create a quick, easy-to-use and secure system for password storage and retrieval

File Upload and Dropbox File Access

Centrally store shared documents and files

  • Store information and retrieve files quickly and easily for improved productivity and better service.
  • Upload files to give your team the best resources and materials  
  • Or simply link in a Dropbox file location for easy view and downloading of files.

Why GTP Hub

We knew there was a better way to do business....

We knew there was a more efficient, more user-friendly and streamlined way to go about our day-to-day activities at work and we knew that there were ways to make the business far more profitable.

We had a lot of software systems in place - but they weren't all talking to each other and the outcomes weren't the best they could be.

Software development is OUR business - so we decided that we could build a system that would transform the way GTP does business.  And the tool for that transformation is GTP HUB.





Our Guarantee To You

Our job is to give you the best tools to help your business become more organised, more effective and more profitable.

We believe that you won’t need all 45 days of our free trial to work out that you’re getting all that and more from GTP HUB, but if you’re not convinced, we’ll happily extend the trial for a further 45 days at no cost. 

And you can also cancel at any time without penalty. 

With kind regards

Dale Carter
Managing Director
GTP iCommerce Pty Ltd