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24 Things You Can Do With GTP HUB: Fast Feature List

  1. Time Tracking and CRM Cloud SoftwareAdd Clients and their contact Details and other stuff
  2. Make notes and comments about client and client work
  3. Record time records against clients or client projects if you want
  4. Send Emails from blank templates, or even better, pre made templates
  5. Send SMS messages
  6. See an entire communication and activity history with clients from you and your team including emails, sms, activity notes, comments, time records.
  7. Collaborate across your entire team on Client work
  8. Set up Projects for clients to track specific work
  9. Create tasks in seconds and allocate between your team
  10. Break tasks into subtasks for multistep jobs.
  11. Sort tasks and prioritise and quickly tick off tasks to stay focused
  12. Quickly record sales leads
  13. Track sales lead progress
  14. See Sales Lead and Sales Statistics
  15. Set up billing rates and optionally flag worked time as billable
  16. See how much money you should be billing and bringing in
  17. Generate a list of clients to bill and for what direct out of time records
  18. Send bulk emails to your entire client/prospect list
  19. See who opened your emails.
  20. See if your projects are going over time allocated
  21. Store passwords, software serial numbers and client and other information
  22. Never leave the one location to get all your work done
  23. Work from any internet connected space
  24. See how many hours of work your team has in the pipeline to better set client expectations


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