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The Art of Productive Flow

How would it feel for you, if you and your organisation day in day out were in perfect flow?  In the zone! You know those days, when everything you touch works, progress is made, projects closed off, problems resolved swiftly and elegantly; and you go home with a smile on your face and a skip in your step.

On those days you were in flow. It didn’t matter what was thrown at you. It didn’t matter what conditions occurred during the day, you were just in flow!

As opposed to others day when you can’t get close to it… you fumble, you stop, you start, and you ran out of energy….

We are most at peace, most efficient, most productive, when we are in that state of flow. However many of us just don’t know how to get into flow at will… BUT! It’s teachable and it’s learnable.

There are 7 critical factors to getting into YOUR productive flow

  1. Have a bull’s-eye to aim for. Too many goals dilutes your effort and progress.
  2. Formulate the best solutions to go forward and heavy lifting out of making your goals a reality.
  3. Work efficiently! There are 3 components to enable you to do this. A place for everything; a sifting process to weed out the rubbish and then 1 system to help you track and manage.
  4. Get your ‘Big rocks” into your week first. Planning a week at a time keeps you moving In the Direction of Your Targets. (Warning: it’s difficult to stay focused on your big rocks if you do not do step 3)
  5. Take control of time stealing thieves such as interruptions, multiple handling, and yes, multi-tasking!
  6. Refuel. ‘Fuelling up’ physically and psychologically gives us the stamina to “get into” and sustain a state of high performance without burnout.
  7. Master the “90 Day Juggle”. Calibrate throughout, stock take at the3/4 mark, clear the decks to finish strong, celebrate, reset … and then Go… again!

Time and energy are your most precious resources. Get more, use less and experience the difference.

Posted on February 13, 2013 - 01:37 AM

Angie Speedy Spiteri is the creator of Time Equals Money. She runs workshops on Time Management, Delegation and Outlook She can be reached on 0403970732 or email Get a copy of her FREE report “The 17 Secret Time Management Principles most of the World Highest Achievers use to create their Massive Success”. (Valued at $177) by calling 1300491729. These reports are strictly limited so claim yours FREE now.



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