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Track Time, Manage Customers, Project & Accounts
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FINALLY: An intuitive, easy to use, time tracking, attendance and evaluation tool your whole team will love. You'll have 4 ways to enter time easily!

Works for staff, administrators, the accounts and HR departments. 

  • Improve your workforce productivity
  • Simplify compliance
  • Improved ease-of-use
  • Streamline payroll processes
  • Eliminate hassles of old clunky time sheet systems
GTP HUB’s time tracking system is immediately useable and provides for accountability across your organisation.

Now you can

  • track time easily online
  • bill time efficiently and 
  • master time-management.

Advanced Features Include
  • Add and remove custom fields for time records
  • Control available billing options by project to limit mistakes
  • File Upload to time records
  • Query and comment history on time records
  • Audio alerts
  • Splitting of time records
  • One Click Export to XLS files including all custom fields
  • Across days time tracking
  • Phone call interruption tracking
  • Research and Development Grant log
  • Import from Excel CSV files
  • Staff restrictions to only enter time sheets and not access all the other magic in GTP Hub
  • Timesheet Approval, Query,Lock and Record Cancel Process


Easily track the time that you and your staff are spending

on projects to distinguish between billable and non-billable activities.

GTP Hub's Time Tracking module is a cloud-based timesheet system that provides detailed information of all activities undertaken.

Our smart stopwatch encourages productivity and discriminates between clients, projects, administration tasks, R&D, management responsibilities, and even different operational tasks so you can quickly analyse your business activities and identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.


Analyse and evaluate actual time spent

Using GTP Hub's time sheet software is easy, simply

Click start when you begin working on a task and click stop when you're finished to store a time sheet entry. Later create full time sheet reports with a breakdown of what was undertaken, when this was executed and for which client - informing your payroll and billing while recording real-time information for auditing purposes. 

GTP Hub Cloud Time Tracking can handle the needs of freelancers and professionals who work on multilple projects, jobs and cases during a single day.  It allows for billing by the hour as needed by designers, developers, accountants and lawyers.

Plus it is also able to handle the simple needs of whole day time sheet entry as required by staff who work on the same job for whole days.  


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Value of Tracking Time in different contexts:

Evaluate lag measures;


  • Where are we making money?
  • Where are we losing money?
  • Are we quoting accurately on work?
  • Who is working productively and effectively?
  • Who is inefficient and needs coaching?
  • How much productive paid work did we complete this week?, this month?
  • What is the profit margin (or deficit) of each of my staff?

Implement lead measures;

  • Individual accountability - Tasks and responsibilities
  • Team accountability - Milestones and sub-milestones
  • Client accountability - Engagement and co-creation
  • Stakeholder - Training, development and performance  

What’s great about this web-based time-tracker is that it can be accessed from anywhere, so whether you and your staff are at home working on projects, out of town or even overseas, these tools can still be used to track and manage time.

It’s a powerful yet functional system, with a wide range of features that are not only management-friendly, but employee-friendly too.

New: Attach Files To Time Records

  • Great for Agencies.
  • Quickly show changes done for clients if queried.
  • Provide real proof of work completed


Smart Stopwatch Functions

    1. Run it on the web browser in the background
    2. Track time using the stopwatch
    3. Select any client’s projects and sub-projects within the stopwatch feature
    4. Select the Billing Category which controls the rate of billing (e.g. data entry, consulting, work-in-progress)
    5. Use the Work in Progress feature for an up-to-date value of work completed
    6. Override calculated billings if necessary and create non-billable categories
    7. Put in pause times for breaks, or use the ‘stop and start’ pause timer feature
    8. Operate the stopwatch across two or more days.   Unlike many other systems, the GTP HUB stopwatch will let users work through the night (for example, from 8pm to 4am the next day) with no problems
    9. Edit or split times when different tasks are entered into the same time record
    10. Activate an optional audio alert as a reminder to update the timer
    11. Use the phonecall button to track telephone activity
    12. Use the Research and Development category for tagging projects for Government Tax grants
    13. Attach files like screenshots and documents to time records to show work done

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Weekly Time Entry

Don't need detailed intra day time records, but you do need an easy to complete time sheet for your staff?  

The weekly time sheet entry provides a simple way to enter in hours for the week making time entry

  1. Simple
  2. Fast
  3. Accessible


No credit card required