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Levels of Accessibility 

Cultivate an Empowered Workforce  

Frontline staff and other stakeholders are often the most important service personel that infliuence brand judgements. Ensure that your representatives are equiped with appropriate and up to date information to enable them to perform to the height of their capabilities.

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GTP Hub's User Management ensures:

  • Productivity is optimised 
  • Privacy upheld
  • Security maintained

Levels of access may be divided across:

  • Staff
  • Supervisors
  • Management
  • Shareholders
  • Sub contractors 
  • 3rd party service providers 
  • Individuals
  • Any other categories - Just create and assign



'GTP Hub is extremely important in our line of work because of the amount of hours lost in productivity where our staff (and our clients) could not access vital information and resources when needed'