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Revolutionise Your Business or Organisation by Easily Creating Procedures and Making them easily available.

The secret to creating a business or organisation that can run itself and enables new staff to learn how to do their jobs faster, more effectively and accurately is to 

1. Document your procedures so they can be followed (e.g. Document How to do stuff) 

With Text

With Images

With Videos

And to do it in a step by step way to build on previous knowledge

2. Make the information findable

3. Show your staff "How to Find Information" AND " How to Add in Information"


Getting Started

There is no need to be a perfectionist as systems constantly change.  So simply start dumping your processes and information about how to do tasks or where to find this information in the GTP Hub Knowledge area by

1. Clicking the Hamburger Menu

2. Selecting Knowledge Base

3. Click Add New Topic

4. Give the item a title e.g. How to Set the Alarm When Leaving the Office

5. Fill in details on the page.  Knowing you can insert pictures, link to documents, PDFs, Powerpoints and also embed videos.

6. Save the page

Over time you will have build up a huge amount of helpful information for existing staff and new hires to be able to get on with their job.

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