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GTP Hub Allows You to Run A Help Desk

Finally a unified, all-in-one, low cost solution for managing support, problems, enquiries, opportunities, client education and more…

GTP Hub Help Desk” is a single unified cloud software solution that provides frictionless integration with the rest of your business including…

-          Tasks

-          Projects

-          Billing

-          Time billing

-          Template email replies

-          Automatic client tagging

-          Sales Opportunities

-          Knowledge Base Contributions and Access

-          Password Storage

-          Accounts

-          Email Handling Rules to filter, file, sort, delete, and auto reply to incoming emails

Apart from the quality of the product, the most exciting factor is the value for money of GTP Hub Help Desk. 

The low cost of the entire GTP Hub suite of solutions combined with the easy set up and deployment into your business and intuitive user interface means your return on investment for your help desk solution is immediate, long lasting and will revolutionises your total business capabilities immediately.

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Benefits of Integrated Communications

The GTP Hub email template database will enable you to:

  • Streamline communications
  • Avoid duplication
  • Maintain an accurate history of client communication
  • Send timely and relevant emails 

Easy to Select and Send

With GTP HUB's Email Templates, it's easy to search for an appropriate response already in the system and adjust it on the fly to reply to your customers and enquiries

No credit card required