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Identify Integral Tasks and Establish Logical Processes

Provide Quality Service Through Diligent Execution of Service Standards

The GTP Hub task manager allows you to instantly weigh up and delegate tasks - So you can concentrate on the most critical business matters. 

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Task Management Functions

GTP Hub's task and to-do lists also allow you to:

  • Write notes for each task
  • Re-order lists by moving tasks around
  • Colour tasks according to priority
  • Print tasks or export them to HTML or Excel
  • Batch and edit tasks
  • Set reminders for any tasks
  • Share your to-do lists with others in your workgroup or team


'Before an executive can think of tackling the future, he must be able to dispose of the challanges of today, in less time, and with greater impact and permanence'
Drucker, P. 1974. Managing For Results

No credit card required